Darin Sweatshirt


You love your schlubby sweatshirt. We love our schlubby sweatshirts. We love your schlubby sweatshirts! But it’s also really nice to have one nice sweatshirt for those days or nights when, emotionally, tactilely, you want a sweatshirt, but aesthetically, you also want to look nice, you know? Pair it back to our Nary Sweatpants for added compliments.

Fits true to size.
Model is 5'9" and wears size Small. 

100% Cotton Terry
Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. 

This piece is made in Los Angeles, about 10 miles from our office. By manufacturing locally, we’re able to reduce our CO2 emissions. It also enables us to support the local economy by creating jobs here in L.A. and contribute to fair wages and working conditions. 

Our plant-derived pieces are made with biodegradable, natural-fiber fabric.