Lulu Midi Herringbone Skirt

Color: Gray

Look. It’s 2021. Next year, it will be 2022. We have finally all agreed, collectively, as a society, that the best airport outfit includes some sort of stretchy pants. But IF we were to go back to a time when people actually dressed up to fly—skirts and heels, hair done, lipstick on—then our Lulu Midi Herringbone Skirt would be the ultimate looks-elegant, feels-comfy hack. Pair it with the Cassandra Herringbone Bustier or Anneliese Herringbone Long-Sleeve Top for a one-and-done look. Good thing we can think of about 8000 other reasons to wear this skirt that don’t involve TSA.

Fits true to size.
Model is 5'10" and wears size Small. 

80% Viscose, 20% PBT With Lycra
Dry clean only.


Made of existing materials, meaning no new fabric production went into our design process.