Margot Turtleneck

3 reviews
Color: Black

Not only is the Margot Turtleneck sleek, slinky, and just a tad sexy, but it’s also marvelously practical. It wears just as well in fall as it does in winter, stuffs right into small purses (perfect for air-conditioned restaurants), and takes up zero space in a suitcase. A favorite, for sure.

Runs small. Sizing up is recommended.
Model is 5'10.5" and wears size Small.

95% Recycled Polyester, 5% Spandex
Dry clean only.


This item is made from recycled polyester yarn, which utilizes waste from our landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing, and promotes new closed-loop recycling streams.


This piece is made in Los Angeles, about 10 miles from our office. By manufacturing locally, we’re able to reduce our CO2 emissions. It also enables us to support the local economy by creating jobs here in L.A. and contribute to fair wages and working conditions.